Collagen Pills Buyer’s Guide (updated May 2024)

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Capsules Review

Vitauthority appear to be a trustworthy manufacturer offering a few different health supplements, including other collagen products. These Multi Collagen capsules provide a 1600mg daily serving of collagen from 4 different sources including bovine, fish, chicken and eggshell collagen. The manufacturer claims that these 4 sources will provide the body with 5 different types of collagen to support healthy skin and joints. While this sounds like a good thing, is it really?

According to our research, combining collagen from different sources can negatively impact the body’s ability to absorb them. Type I and Type III collagen are generally paired together and they support the health of the skin and the joints, but they should be taken separately from Type II collagen which is typically only for joint health. 

On a positive note, these capsules also include Vitamin C, which is beneficial for enhancing collagen production, as well as Hyaluronic Acid. They also include Sodium which is a plus. 

The ingredient which we always look for in any supplement, BioPerine®, was sadly left out of this supplement. It always astounds us when this is neglected. This is proven to improve the efficacy of any ingredient in your body by increasing bioavailability. 

We like that this product comes backed by a money-back guarantee as we believe that is essential for any product to offer. It really shows the level of confidence the manufacturer has in its product. The manufacturer discusses the importance of quality standards in supplements, but makes no mention of how it actually makes sure their products have adhered to these quality standards. 

Is Vitauthority Multi Collagen Effective?

There seem to be many positive reviews on the manufacturer’s website which would indicate yes. We perused Amazon to get a more unbiased opinion and the reviews were more mixed, with many referring to a powdered version of the product, not these capsules. 

It is concerning that with so many different types of collagen included in one product, the collagen may not be utilized by the body as effectively if absorption is affected. Research has suggested that Types I and III collagen should be taken at a different time to Type II collagen.

Is Vitauthority Multi Collagen Safe?

In general, this product is marketed as natural and safe. It does include collagen derived from bovine which has a risk of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medications, it is advised to consult with your doctor before you start taking this product. This product is not suitable for anyone with an egg or fish allergy.  


Overall, these capsules look like a decent product. We appreciate the money-back guarantee and that the manufacturer uses high-quality ingredients. Our biggest concern is that these capsules contain 5 different types of collagen from 4 different sources which could affect the body’s ability to absorb them and reap their benefits. 

The 4 collagen sources are combined in a proprietary blend so it is also not clear how much of each type of collagen you will actually be getting. According to studies, fish collagen is the easiest for the body to absorb because the peptides are smaller than that of bovine collagen. You will need to take 3-6 capsules a day, so a bottle could either last you a month or two weeks. 

Additionally, there are some ingredients which are missing from this product. One that is rather important is BioPerine®. This increases bioavailability which means it takes ingredients and boosts their efficacy so that they work as best as possible in your body. We expect that supplements across the board, no matter which ailment they treat, will have BioPerine®.  

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